Learn to Discern


The problem we want to solve

American Christians are publicly disengaged and ineffective as salt and light in the culture. More and more Christians are even accepting of progressive and humanist philosophies as capable solutions to the brokenness of our society. There are fewer Christ followers who live as compelling influencers in the world around us.

Many national religious surveys confirm there are about 1 million young adults who no longer identify with the Christian faith every year. Right now, 17% of Americans do not identify with any religion. At current rates, this percentage will rise to 30% by 2050. If we do nothing and the trend accelerates, the percentage of “nones” may grow to 35% of Americans.

Overall, the Christian movement in America is diminishing rather than growing, and this has been happening for decades. In addition to the very real eternal consequences of this trend, it results in fewer people to lead His Church. There are fewer committed people to love and serve our communities in the name of Jesus, leaving these important tasks to ineffective and impersonal government institutions.

There are numerous student ministries on high school and college campuses. There are many men’s, women’s, and family ministries throughout America. There are even ministries in business, media and the arts, education, and politics. We have a lot of Christian activity in these cultural areas, but nothing seems to even slow this secularizing trend.

But, what if there was a solution?

What if there was a way to effectively help adults connect their faith in life-changing ways to their public vocation, leadership, and expertise? What if young people could quickly and reliably “see through” the secular messages they encounter daily in class, in the media, and with their friends?

Assumptions Institute has discovered a solution that is real. You are invited to help us make this solution widely available to Christian students, parents, educators, and adult mentors.