“This is an important book on a tremendously important subject. That there has been an intentional and systematic indoctrination of Americans with false and pernicious ideas is horrific, but this fine book helps us understand what has happened and helps us also see how we can — and absolutely must -- oppose those ideas.”

Eric Metaxas – Host, the Eric Metaxas Show, New York Times best-selling author of Bonhoeffer, Miracles, and If You Can Keep It

"Dave Richardson's book is the result of decades of reflection and hands-on experience ministering on secular university campuses.  He has developed an effective method to help us excavate the assumptions that underlie much of what we hear in in the classroom, the news, movies, lectures, or just conversations with friends.  Transparent is simple enough for students, but powerful enough for adults to enable them to integrate their faith with their fields of expertise.  I heartily recommend it.”

William Lane Craig – Research Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology – Author of On Guard, Hard Questions Real Answers, and Reasonable Faith


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Assumptions are the most potent of ideas, but also the least understood. Transparent reveals what assumptions we make, how they control us, and how they are all inherently religious. Even atheists are religious at the level of their assumptions. Some assumptions are true and most are not. How can you tell without being an intellectual? Transparent introduces the Transparent App, an innovative and creative tool that helps people quickly see through the messages they encounter daily in the things they read, watch, and hear using the power of assumptions. The Transparent App is simple enough for a student to use, but powerful enough for adults to find God and engage with Him in their areas of interest, expertise, and leadership. How can someone bring God with them to work or school? How does God give us knowledge and guidance in the things that matter in real life? At the level of assumptions God is everywhere. Transparent is not just a theoretical theological exercise for intellectuals. It “translates” the complex ideologies of the intellectuals into everyday language for everyday people. Written more like an adventure than a textbook, Transparent is a refreshing departure from the usual books about apologetics, theology, and culture. Students, parents, pastors, and professionals will all love Transparent.