Learn to Discern

what is at stake?

Numerous major research studies compiled by the Pinetops Foundation revealed that “35 million youth raised in families that call themselves Christians will say they are not by 2050.”

Conservatively, 60% of young adults who grew up in a Christian family or involved in a Christian ministry will stop following Christ within a few years of high school. Nearly every Christian can put a name and face to a young person they know who grew up in a Christian fellowship or a Christian home and is no longer walking with Christ.

The studies further reveal that most young adults who leave the faith have lost interest in Christianity as they have encountered it in American churches. The majority have not been persuaded by other ideologies. They conclude that it is not worth their time to follow Christ.

How most American Christians practice their faith is not compelling and provides little purpose to today’s young people. American Christianity does not relate in a convincing way to the “real world” – things in the public square.

The Christian adults who influence these young people typically live a double life. Their relationship with Christ may be meaningful in their personal lives, but is nearly meaningless in their public lives.

As this current generation is generally cause oriented and sensitive to authenticity, American Christianity seems unworthy of their time. There is not much in it that provides a cause and purpose worth living for.

Additionally, young people question that if Jesus isn’t meaningful in public life, why would He be meaningful in one’s personal life? If that is what following Jesus is, it seems hypocritical, bland, and not very captivating.