Learn to Discern

The key solution

The key solution employed by Assumptions Institute is the Critical Assumptions Test (CAT). Details about the nature of assumptions, the Critical Assumptions Test, and how it is used are found in Dave Richardson’s ground-breaking book Transparent: How to See Through the Powerful Assumptions That Control You.

This multifaceted tool took five years to develop. It has been tested repeatedly with men, women, Christians, atheists, students, parents, pastors, professors, business leaders, and political leaders. It works.

With the CAT we can:

  • Help students reliably and quickly learn to discern what is true from false, right from wrong in real world issues and situations. They will encounter these in class, the media, and the culture.

  • This skill can help prevent the majority of Christian students from abandoning their faith in their young adult years, and increase the number of Christian leaders for the next generation.

  • Help adults connect truth based in God and the Bible to their public expertise and leadership. This transforms how one lives out their Christian faith through their professional practice with new knowledge, insight, and wisdom grounded in Christ. It creates a ministry platform that spans every aspect of one’s life and practice in ways that are relevant, appropriate, and life-changing.

  • Help those who are not yet Christ-followers to grasp why the Gospel is the solution to humanity’s deepest problem.