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The  Critical Assumptions Test  can help transform classroom TEACHING and TEACHERS

The Critical Assumptions Test can help transform classroom TEACHING and TEACHERS

a real transformation

Several years ago Dave met an English professor from a state university in Georgia. He met with her periodically over 1 ½ years. Dave showed her how to use the Critical Assumptions Test (CAT) to teach critical thinking in her writing classes and even have a ministry while using it. This professor also found the CAT very useful as an audience analysis tool for teaching persuasion techniques to her students.

The professor used the CAT regularly for about three years in her classes before Dave learned something astounding. Dave did not know that when he taught the professor how to use the CAT, this English professor was not even a Christian!

She was a postmodern feminist progressive who was trying to better understand how her Christian students think. Her hidden goal was to convert her Christian students to progressivism, which is not unusual in universities today.

Many professors are serious about supplanting their students’ childhood “superstitions and myths,” and introduce them to a more “enlightened” understanding of the world. The English professor saw how powerful the CAT is and secretly thought she could use it to convert her students from Christianity.

After using the Critical Assumptions Test as a systematic part of her classroom teaching for 4-5 semesters, the power of understanding assumptions shook her. And she became a Christian! All on her own.

Today, this professor still uses the CAT as a crucial teaching tool in her classes. She now considers it her mission to introduce her students to Jesus Christ.

In a book she is writing about her transformation, this professor reflects, “What is inexplicable at first for those of us who move from one city to another is that the Christian worldview is exponentially richer and deeper in its capacity for reason, love, and truthfulness about the world around us. It’s only inexplicable at first though, as we figure out what our choices mean: those who come to Christ experience an increase in their capacity to reason, because knowledge begins with God.

She really gets it!