Learn to Discern

a classroom redeemed

Thankfully, there are many professors in universities who are Christians. Many of them are willing to talk about their faith. Yet, few Christian faculty have a practical understanding about how God gives knowledge that is applicable to their teaching and research.

One such professor teaches aerospace engineering at one of the top research universities in America.

When Dave asked him how God contributes to knowledge in his classes, he despondently replied, “I really don’t know. I just teach 18 weeks of calculus equations. I could talk about God or not talk about God. I don’t see that it would make that much difference in my classes. Now, outside of class I get it, but in my class I don’t see that my faith is all that important.”

After Dave discovered the Critical Assumptions Test, he taught this professor how to use the CAT to explain the assumptions that make science and mathematics work. People think those assumptions are naturalistic. They are not.

Dumbfounded and smiling ear to ear this committed Christian professor finally understood how he really could relevantly and appropriately connect truth based in God and the Bible to his classroom instruction. The next semester he changed his course to teach what is true!

There is now one less classroom in a major state university that teaches ideologies that are hostile to the Christian faith.